There'™s an app for that! Moreover, the adoption of apps has created many collections of stovepiped services that don'™t talk to each other. How to connect these islands together? There may be some innovative approaches that will make users think a fresh about how and where the connections should be forged. At the meantime APIs have kick-started a revolution that makes application interoperability much easier. APIs allow new experiences for end-users and promote innovation. Solution Atooma is the 'connective tissue' between mobile functions and web services, connecting walled gardens, linking data and actions in fascinating, easy ways. Atooma allows your smartphone to perform certain actions when certain conditions are fulfilled. You can set up conditional events (IF) that trigger simple actions (DO) to automate routine tasks between mobile and web services, and create new amazings Atooma! For example, when you are at university or at work, you need to change profile in your phone to silence mode and when you go out you need to change it back. Or maybe you would like to have automatically saved in dropbox specific folders every attachments emailed by your collegues. And many, many others actions/tasks. Atooma uses and every mobile phone functions (wifi, GPS and so on)“ and most popular third application API (Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote and so on). Users could publish and share their œAtooma within the Community, and create œshared behavior which perform triggers and actions on mobile devices of a group of users.

Roma (RM)
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