Genesys was founded in 2011 and, in spite of being a young company, can boast the experience of professionals who played key roles in major projects. The Genesys team specializes on ICT topics which cover different aspects of the finance domain: credit's supervisory report, retail and corporate banking, payment systems and interbank networks, etc. Genesys continues to invest in research collaborating with universities, for the realization of innovative projects as practical market implementations. Genesys offers excellent solutions and supports customers in more innovative and valuable choices which best fit its business and structure. The customer solution is characterized by the use of new technologies, adapted and integrated continuously over time. Genesys participates in the improvement and optimization of business processes while paying the utmost attention to human resources and the development of their potential to increase efficiency, dynamism and cooperation of individuals in workgroups. We believe that the customer focus, the evolutive vision and the activation of partnership, combined with continuous training and motivation of human resources, are necessary conditions for us and for our customers to actively and successfully interpret an increasingly more complex and competitive ICT market. Specialties JEE, Model Driven Engineering, Model Driven Software Delopment, Agile Methodologies

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